SIAM Computational Issues in Geoscience 2023

CoCalc Shines at the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics Computational Issues in Geoscience Conference 2023 in Bergen, Norway!

Taking Mathematical Collaboration to New Heights What a time to be alive! CoCalc took part in an exhilarating session at the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics Computational Issues in Geoscience Conference held in Bergen, Norway. These aren’t your usual talks; these are trailblazing, innovative, and story-telling presentations pushing the boundaries of computational geosciences.

Plenary Talks Highlights

We are privileged to have witnessed a stellar range of talks. Francis X. Giraldo of the Naval Postgraduate School, U.S. splendidly delved into Element-based Galerkin Methods in Atmospheric Modeling and how we can leverage it for weather prediction not just at a global scale but regional and Large-Eddy-Simulation (LES) as well.

Then there was Knut-Andreas Lie from SINTEF, Norway, who grabbed the audience’s attention with Differentiable Simulators. His deep insights into its implications for software development and its uses for geoenergy applications were riveting. Oh and not to forget, he made a strong case for how differentiable programming can leapfrog software correctness and development speed.

Similarly, Bradley Mallison from Chevron Technical Center, U.S. offered us an enchanting view into Numerical Methods for Modeling, Editing, and Analyzing Subsurface Structure. A revelation on how they could be used to create more efficient and reliable workflows for structural modeling and analysis.

Insa Neuweiler from University of Hannover, Germany, gave a scintillating talk on Data Assimilation for Hydrological Predictions in the Subsurface. The tough balance between capturing processes in the forward model and dealing with the model error in the data assimilation was excellently portrayed.

The assembly was also graced with Tiina Roose from University of Southampton, U.K. who captivated the audience with Image Based Modelling of Plant-Soil Interaction. Roose urged the audience to realize the soil’s importance for so many ‘free services’ and how we’ve barely scratched the surface of its full potential.

Lastly, Martin Vohralik of Inria Paris, France, elegantly concluded with a talk titled A Posteriori Error Estimates Robust with Respect to Nonlinearities and Final Time. Packed with numerical experiments and robust estimates, his presentation left many in appreciation.

A hearty thanks to all the speakers who shared their wisdom. You’re shaping the future of computational sciences!

Applied Mathematics

Event Organizer
Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics and University of Bergen

SageMath, Inc.

June 19th – June 22nd, 2023

United Through Science

At CoCalc, we’re all about collaboration, calculation, and data science. Being at an event like this, surrounded by the sharpest minds in applied mathematics, is exhilarating. It offers us a chance to enlighten the community about our platform and also to look for potential synergies. Collaborations like these only further our commitment to simplifying mathematical computation and data science for everyone.

These conferences not only provide a platform to showcase our capabilities, but they also expand our horizons by exposing us to new ideas and innovations in the world of applied mathematics and computational data sciences. We aspire to integrate these advancements into our existing platform and provide even better solutions to our users.

Showcasing the Best of CoCalc

Our presence at such esteemed events is testimony to our steady growth and commitment towards applied mathematics and data science. It allows us to ensure we’re delivering the most advanced, up-to-date, and user-friendly experiences on our platform. By reaching out, we’re able to increase our impact and give back to the wider community.

A Thank You Note Finally, we would like to express our profound gratitude towards the organizers at SIAM for their excellent arrangements and for providing us the opportunity to interact with the best minds in the industry. We look forward to participating in more such inspiring events.

Remember, whether you’re working on research, teaching a class, or exploring mathematics for fun, CoCalc has you covered! Sign up for a free account and start collaborating today.

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