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Everything You Need to Know About Computational Whiteboard

What exactly is Computational Whiteboard? And more importantly, how can you use it?

Additionally, this article dives into the specific features of the Computational Whiteboard and how you can benefit from its use.

Tutorial Series

A brief blog post on some of the functionalities of CoCalc’s Online LaTeX Editor for scientific documents and hosted journals.

Learn about CoCalc’s newest feature Computational Whiteboard! Organize your thoughts while working on a fully-featured canvas and interacting simultaneously with project collaborators. Sketch, use stickers and post-it notes, converse via side chat and even run code using various kernels with the most recent innovation by CoCalc.

CoCalc now offers on-premise solutions for institutions that would like to have an instance of the software but have strict data security requirements or would like to take advantage of their own hardware! Our pricing is business-friendly, and so are we! So please feel free to reach out! We even offer consultation services to get you started.

A short post on one of CoCalc’s newest products, Boost Licenses. Boost Licenses are used jointly alongside CoCalc Site Licenses to access increased amounts of CPU, RAM, and/or Disk Space for a specified duration of time. Note this is incredibly cost-effective for our users and is available at the click of a button, with no wait necessary to fulfill any temporarily needed computational resources.

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Getting Started With CoCalc

Getting started with CoCalc has never been so easy! This brief walk-through will give you all of the information required to hit the ground running by starting a project, upgrading a license, adding collaborators, creating files, and navigating some of the various interfaces associated with their respective file types.

CoCalc Tutorial Series: the Essential Guide

A quick glimpse of the upcoming tutorial series from your favorite cloud-based computational software. What to expect content-wise, and how to best utilize these new resources to complement the Instructor Guide, Student Guide, and existing Documentation on CoCalc’s main website. Reach out to request additional content!

William Stein: Creator of CoCalc

This article focuses on William Stein, the creator of CoCalc and founder/CEO of SageMath, Inc. He has a fantastic backstory that motivates his unique perspective on open-source mathematical software, the pros/cons of commercialized products, and life in general as an academic and software executive.

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