CoCalc Boost Licenses

Introducing CoCalc Boost Licenses!

So, what if I need more computing power in CoCalc?

We are so glad that you ask!

– If you have an existing CoCalc license and require additional RAM, CPU, or Disk Space, you should consider purchasing a Boost License!

– You can even specify the exact dates that the boost will take effect (for cost efficiency) if the adjustment to your computational resources is needed temporarily.

– For example, if you have a computationally intensive script to run over the weekend, you can minimize costs by purchasing the boost from Friday to Sunday.

Boost your Regular Site License

Boost Licenses are specifically meant to modify the computational resources of your existing site license. In other words, please do not buy a boost license without purchasing a regular license first.

So How Does It Work?

The steps to using a CoCalc Boost License: First, have a CoCalc account! Then, you can purchase a site license and associate it with that account. A site license provides a basis of resources for a project (these resources can be readily used by you and your project collaborators at any time). Often, there is a reason that you may have a higher demand for RAM, CPU, or Disk Space for some period. This is, in fact, why we have created Boost Licenses! You can now “boost” the mentioned resources for your project at any time, all without the hassle of dealing with someone via simple self-service checkout.

Things to Know About Boosts

  • A boost license MUST BE used in conjunction with a regular site license.
  • Your boost license run limit DOES NOT need to match your regular site license run limit.
  • Academic Institutions, Not-For-Profit Organizations, and their members receive a substantial discount of 40%.
  • You receive additional 10% or 15% discounts via monthly/yearly subscriptions.


  • The state of member hosting between a boost and regular site license MUST MATCH. i.e., both must have (or not have) member hosting.
  • Your boost license MUST HAVE a matching runtime to your regular site license.
  • You can check the runtime of the project you want to boost under settings while inside the project or check the emailed receipt you received after purchasing.

How to Get There:

Boost Your CoCalc License for Maximum Computing Power

Are you looking for more computing power in CoCalc? Perhaps you’re running a computationally intensive script or collaborating on a large project with others. Whatever the case, the resources provided with your CoCalc license may not be enough to meet your needs. That’s where Boost Licenses come in.

At CoCalc and SageMath, Inc., we understand that our users have varying computing resource needs. So, with Boost Licenses, you can temporarily increase your RAM, CPU, or Disk Space without purchasing an entirely new license. Instead, choose the boost’s exact start and end dates, so you only pay for what you need.

How It Works

Using a Boost License is simple—purchase one from our self-service form at You will then have the option of selecting from three types of boosts – RAM, CPU, or Disk Space – along with choosing the length of time that you need it for. Once you have purchased your boost license and selected the date it should begin and end, it will be automatically activated on the specified date. Thus, you will be able to access additional computing power when needed.

The Cost

The cost of each boost type differs depending on how much extra computing power is required. For example, suppose you need more RAM or CPU than what is included in your regular CoCalc license. In that case, fully configurable boosts are available – each with different price points depending on how much extra RAM/CPU capacity is needed. You can view all available options on our website to find the perfect fit for your needs!

Whether you’re running a complex script or working with others on a large project, we want to ensure that our users can access all the resources they may need at any given time. With Boost Licenses from CoCalc and SageMath Inc., users can easily add extra computing power without purchasing an entirely new license whenever their requirements change. So give boost licenses a try today—you won’t be disappointed!

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