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CoCalc is a cloud-based collaborative software oriented towards research, teaching, and scientific publishing purposes.

Our Story

William Stein is the founder and creator of the open-source mathematical software SageMath as well as the web-based collaborative computation and data science tool, CoCalc.

Throughout his extensive experience in academia, William has been a champion for the unification of the mathematical and scientific computational communities through open source projects, which resulted in the creation of SageMath and more recently CoCalc.

So What Is CoCalc?

CoCalc is a virtual online workspace for collaboratively performing calculations when conducting research, teaching, or authoring/publishing documents.

The main component used for working on CoCalc is Projects. Each project consists of files accessible only to you and your collaborators, and by creating one or more projects, you can partition your work into separate workspaces.

Each file opens in its associated online editor, so you can begin working interactively within CoCalc’s environment. Since every change is synchronized in real-time, you can edit project files with collaborators simultaneously. Be sure to check out our Store.

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CoCalc’s Mission

"We are redefining collaboration in science, engineering, and mathematics by providing easily accessible and sustainably supported tools for computing, teaching, and publishing research."

Our Vision

CoCalc advances science, engineering, and mathematics communities by enabling a higher level of collaboration between researchers, students, and teachers.

To accomplish this, we develop a universal online environment that facilitates the collaborative use of tools for computation, scientific publication, and course management.

Moreover, CoCalc makes you more productive by providing (and maintaining) the software you need right out of the box.

CoCalc was founded to remove the installation problems associated with open-source software and make it more available. In turn, there is a solid commitment to giving back to the open-source ecosystem.

By improving CoCalc features and supporting other open-source projects, we aim to create a continuous refinement cycle for our product and the open-source community.

We also support additional privacy protection via on-premises deployments.

William Stein, CEO and Founder of SageMath, Inc. and CoCalc: Collaborative Calculation and Data Science.

Who Can Benefit From CoCalc?

CoCalc can be used by individuals, institutions, and corporations alike. Anyone who wishes to actively collaborate with colleagues or students while coding, working on documents for publications/research or organizing courses can benefit from CoCalc’s usage.

As the way we engage with others around the globe evolves, we are confident that we have created suitable applications for these critical tasks.

Since solving some of the world’s most challenging problems will necessitate collaboration, CoCalc provides more than just a platform to enable the teamwork required for these endeavors.

Now, rather than focusing on how we can effectively work together with our teammates, we can concentrate on our responsibility to improve our world.

Be sure to check out our latest blog post on CoCalc’s LaTeX Editor and hosting capabilities for interactive plots and scripts.

Explore CoCalc’s Full Features

Check Out The Amazing Features That CoCalc Offers

CoCalc is a robust collaborative computational software with helpful features that researchers and educators can appreciate.

Examples include a Jupyter Notebook Interface that supports popular kernels such as Python, SageMath, Julia, and R. It has collaborative Markdown and LaTeX editors for documenting code and publishing research or course materials.

CoCalc also provides a Course Management System for disseminating, collecting, and grading your student assignments and even has a fully-featured Whiteboard where collaborators can simultaneously sketch, code, and organize project notes/objectives.

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Some Notable Features

Jupyter Notebooks

CoCalc provides an interactive web-based Jupyter notebook that supports many popular kernels (such as Python, Julia, R, and SageMath) and allows for simultaneous collaboration between project members with seamless synchronization.

Our notebooks also include a unique feature called TimeTravel which enables users to recover their previous work and directly visualize what other collaborators have contributed to the file.

Collaborative LaTeX Editor

CoCalc features a collaborative LaTeX editor, which can produce technical documents with advanced mathematical formulas or require a higher degree of formatting control.

What sets CoCalc apart from other LaTeX editors is that it provides automatically generated PDFs and implements automated compiling so collaborators can work simultaneously. It also incorporates side-chat functionality, enabling one to research and publish within the same platform.

Online Linux Terminal

A collaborative Linux Command Line Terminal perfect for running graphical X11 applications and learning Bash scripting. Rest assured, all files are backed up and quickly accessible for later reference.

You can also process/store datafiles, run Python, R, PHP, Ruby, Go, Perl, and Nodejs scripts, and compile programs written in C/C++, Java, Rust, Assembly, Fortran, Julia, Zig, or Haskell.

Collaborative Whiteboard

The newest CoCalc innovation is a collaborative Whiteboard where project members can sketch, run code, create post-it style notes, and hold side chats to streamline project organization and management.

Whiteboard is a user-friendly application that can be quickly utilized by professionals and students in any field, making the work necessary for quality research and learning go much more smoothly.

Course Management System

Using CoCalc’s Course Management System, you can assign, collect, and grade student coursework using our conscientiously designed teaching tools.

By supplying teachers with a robust implementation of nbgrader, we make automated grading possible. This allows us to relieve the immense effort put into manual grading while providing students with immediate feedback.

Pricing Made For Everyone

We offer various license configurations that will satisfy any budget constraint (or computing needs) one may have, and we support on-premise deployments for additional privacy requirements.

Start using CoCalc under a free trial plan to test out the service. After that, academics and hobbyists get a substantial 40% discount and receive further price deductions by purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription.

Meet Our Team

The Rad People Behind CoCalc

SageMath, Inc. (the company behind SageMath and CoCalc) comprises a small yet diversified group of people worldwide. They each bring unique perspectives and specializations that continue to push the development of products like CoCalc and its features toward the frontier of educational use and research.

Moreover, they are unified behind the common goal of progressing open-source mathematical software and cloud-based technology for the scientific community.

One interesting fact is that all of the executive team members at SageMath, Inc. are mathematicians with research specialties.

CoCalc Blog

CoCalc Tutorials

CoCalc Blog and Tutorials Series

Coming Soon! We will be providing tutorials and blog posts regarding various topics of interest, as well as the latest features and updates from CoCalc.

Our tutorials will be comprised of both instructor and student series for “getting started” using CoCalc and will eventually include more advanced subject matter.

You are most welcome to write us and request a specific blog post or instructional video!

CoCalc: Collaborative Calculation and Data Science

CoCalc has users across the globe and offers several price tiers to make its services accessible to everyone, from large institutions and corporations to individual researchers and students.

Moreover, CoCalc offers a 40% license discount for academics and hobbyists.

Contact us for a license quote or a free live demo! We would love to hear from you and receive any feedback you can provide!

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