SIAM Dynamical Systems 2023

CoCalc at the SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems in Portland, Oregon!

What a fantastic journey it’s been! We recently attended the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) conference on Dynamical Systems in the alluring city of Portland, Oregon. Our team at CoCalc: Collaborative Calculation and Data Science by SageMath, Inc. was thrilled to participate and let the math community know more about our innovative platform.

In this post, we’ll share a glimpse of the exciting talks held during the conference, which we had the pleasure of attending.

Talks Highlights

The conference was filled with enlightening discussions, led by some of the most prominent researchers in the field. Among the thought-provoking topics we heard:

  • Using Dynamical Systems Tools to Incorporate Diverse Sensing into Models of Collective Motion Speaker: Alethea Barbaro, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. Perhaps one of the day’s most captivating discussions, this session delved into the world of animal motion, exploring how different types of sensing impact collective behavior.

  • Determining Spectral Stability via the Maslov Index and Conjugate Points Speaker: Alexandria Volkening, Purdue University, U.S. Alexandria Volkening unveiled structures and tools enabling us to efficiently and rigorously determine spectral stability.

  • The Remarkable Accuracy of a Pendulum Clock Speaker: Hugh Hunt, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom Who could forget the presentation on the mesmerizing accuracy of a pendulum clock–and its history through time?

  • Animal Behaviors in Response to Fluid Instabilities Speaker: Sunghwan “Sunny” Jung, Cornell University, U.S. Sunny Jung’s fascinating exploration of animal behaviors in light of fluid instabilities offered us new insight into this essential relationship.

And many more!

We want to express our gratitude to all the speakers for their invaluable insights and the depth of knowledge they brought to the field.

Applied Mathematics

Event Organizer
Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

SageMath, Inc.

May 15th-18th, 2023

Our Continued Learning

This conference was an excellent opportunity for us at CoCalc to engage with our community and learn from industry-leading experts. It allowed us to understand more about the challenges faced by those in the industry and how CoCalc can help to address these.

Attending such events and maintaining our involvement in the academic community is central to our mission at CoCalc: to continue growing and evolving our platform to better serve our users.

A Final Acknowledgment

We want to extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the SIAM organizers for hosting such an enriching and educational event. Your dedication made this illuminating experience possible.

As we look back, we realize how every minute spent in this invigorating event was a step forward in our quest for knowledge. We left with many ideas to ponder, collaborations to explore, and adaptations to our platform. Here’s to the continuous strive for knowledge, collaboration, and innovation.

Until the next adventure, CoCalc, signing off.

Looking Forward

The SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems was an unforgettable experience that surpassed our expectations. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase CoCalc and interact with the mathematical community.

As we look to the future, we remain committed to offering a platform that empowers researchers, educators, and students to excel in their mathematical pursuits. Thank you to all who visited our exhibition, and we hope to see you at future conferences! Check out where to find us.

Remember, whether you’re working on research, teaching a class, or exploring mathematics for fun, CoCalc has you covered! Sign up for a free account and start collaborating today.

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