JupyterCon, Paris 2023

CoCalc at JupyterCon 2023: Exploring the Data Science Universe Together

JupyterCon 2023 offers CoCalc, a SageMath product, the opportunity to interact with the data science community, showcase our contributions to the Jupyter ecosystem, and collaborate with potential hires and partners. Attending this event highlights CoCalc’s commitment to innovation, growth, and the support of open-source technologies.

Strengthening Our Brand Visibility Through Key Events

Participating in JupyterCon allows CoCalc to attend and be involved in groundbreaking talks and sessions while discovering new trends and technologies in the Jupyter ecosystem. Some of the key events taking place during the conference include:

  • GitHub Keynote: Presented by Craig Peters and Cory Gwin, this keynote highlights how GitHub expands the reach of Jupyter technologies.
  • Creating Interactive Jupyter Websites with JupyterLite: Jeremy Tuloup’s hands-on guide teaches attendees how to build Jupyter websites using JupyterLite.
  • Rapid Prototyping & Deployment using Panel and Lumen: Philipp Rudiger explores how to create and deploy powerful applications rapidly with these advanced tools.

Our presence at these key events serves as a platform to engage with fellow innovators, foster awareness of CoCalc’s offerings, and align CoCalc with the latest advancements in data science.


Event Organizer

SageMath, Inc.

May 10th-12th, 2023

Building Valuable Connections

JupyterCon 2023 provides us with a valuable networking opportunity to connect with potential hires, corporate partners, and other professionals in the data science field. By participating in these social events, workshops, and insightful talks, we can:

  • Engage with like-minded professionals and potential customers
  • Discover collaboration opportunities with industry partners
  • Identify top talent for recruiting and expanding our team

Honoring Our Roots in the Open Source Community

Supporting the open-source community is an essential part of CoCalc’s growth, and attending JupyterCon showcases our commitment to its progress. Involvement in community-led events and initiatives nourishes the collaborative spirit driving Jupyter’s evolution:

  • Reinforcing innovation and collaboration within the Jupyter ecosystem
  • Providing support and contributions to Jupyter-compatible tools and projects
  • Sharing knowledge, solutions, and expertise with a global audience

Embark with CoCalc on the adventure that is JupyterCon 2023. We’re eager to strengthen our brand presence, forge new connections, and demonstrate our commitment to the open-source community. As we explore the captivating Jupyter ecosystem together, we’ll shape the future of data science and redefine excellence in a digitally evolving world.

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