Startup Grind, Global Conference 2023

Discovering Opportunities and Building Connections at Startup Grind Global Conference 2023

Seattle-based SageMath, a leading developer of open-source mathematical software, is thrilled to announce our participation in the 2023 Startup Grind Global Conference! This esteemed event promises to be an unforgettable experience for innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups in the tech community. As one of CoCalc’s valued customers, we’re delighted to share our enthusiasm for the incredible learning and networking opportunities this inspiring conference has to offer.

Conference Highlights: Exploring Big Data and Startup Resilience

The Startup Grind Global Conference 2023, scheduled for April 11-12, is a highly anticipated event that fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and connections between startups and founders worldwide. This year’s lineup features an impressive array of sessions covering pertinent topics, including big data, product development, equity crowdfunding, and fintech’s future.

Here at SageMath, we are especially looking forward to the session titled, "The Power of Big Data: How to Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations." Hosted by Barr Moses, CEO and Co-Founder of Monte Carlo, and Steve Loughlin, Partner at Accel, this insightful discussion will delve into the essential nature of comprehending customer needs and leveraging big data to deliver outstanding products and services.

Another captivating session on our radar is "From Tech Boom to Burnout: How to Make Your Startup Recession Resilient." Led by Christina Cacioppo, Co-Founder and CEO of Vanta, and Andrew Reed, Partner at Sequoia Capital, this talk explores strategies on how startups can survive economic downturns and emerge stronger than ever. We are eager to absorb vital knowledge from industry pioneers and apply these lessons to fortify our own business.


Event Organizer
Startup Grind.

SageMath, Inc.

April 11-12th, 2023

Networking Opportunities: Connecting with Tech Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Beyond the informative sessions, exceptional networking opportunities are available within the Startup Grind Global Conference Community. Forge lasting connections with like-minded entrepreneurs, engage in thought-provoking conversations, and spark collaboration on innovative projects. You never know when you might discover your next inspired idea, ideal partner, or potential investor at events like these!

SageMath: Embracing the Spirit of Innovation and Growth

As a proud member of the PNW tech community, SageMath is excited to forge new connections in the Bay Area. We are passionate about innovation, growth, and success. Moreover, we believe this event will provide invaluable insights, connections, and opportunities to further our mission.

Don’t miss this chance to join us at the Startup Grind Global Conference 2024. Experience the incredible atmosphere of innovation and collaboration that awaits for yourself!

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