Math Day, University of Washington, 2023.

SageMath Inc. Participates in Math Day at the University of Washington Seattle

SageMath Inc. is thrilled to have had the opportunity to participate in Math Day at the University of Washington in Seattle! This event is aimed at educating and inspiring high school students interested in STEM-related careers and studies. Being a company dedicated to promoting open-source applications, we were excited to showcase the power and innovation behind Jupyter notebooks and programming languages like Python and SageMath.

Encouraging Open-Source Collaboration in STEM

Throughout the day, we hosted three sessions, each tailored to engage and educate the future problem solvers of tomorrow, emphasizing the importance of open-source software and how it allows individuals to contribute and collaborate in a way that proprietary software often does not. Furthermore, we highlighted the benefits of using Jupyter notebooks, which offer an interactive computing environment allowing users to experiment, analyze data, and share their findings.

At SageMath, we are committed to making these kinds of tools more accessible to everyone, and we believe that discussions with young learners are crucial in achieving this goal. In addition, as high school students become more familiar with software and computation, it is essential to emphasize the value of open-source applications and the importance of collaboration in the STEM fields.


Event Organizer
University of Washington Mathematics Department.

SageMath, Inc.

March 20th, 2023

CoCalc: Collaborative Calculation and Data Science

Of course, our team also had the opportunity to discuss CoCalc: Collaborative Calculation and Data Science, a cloud-based platform that makes it easy for users to collaborate on projects, share data, and perform calculations. Moreover, CoCalc is an excellent tool for students who are just beginning to explore the world of data science and programming, and we were delighted to share its benefits with the attendees of Math Day.

Bringing Open-Source to Our Community and Beyond

In short, we are proud to provide these services to our local community and beyond. Also, we look forward to continuing our efforts to promote open-source software and collaboration in STEM. For more information, check out the Math Day event page!

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