PRIMA Congress, Vancouver Canada, 2022

Pacific Rim International Mathematical Association (PRIMA) Congress: Uniting Global Mathematical Innovators

In December, Vancouver, Canada, welcomed eminent mathematicians from across the globe for the exhilarating Pacific Rim International Mathematical Association (PRIMA) Congress. Dive into the event’s highlights, including insightful talks on AI-generated art, the fascinating history of mathematics, and groundbreaking visualization techniques for continued fractions and alternative number systems. For more information, visit the PRIMA Congress 2022 website.

SageMath, Inc., a leader in the computational sciences, proudly showcased its revolutionary software-as-a-service platform, CoCalc. The company also scouted remarkable talent at the career fair, connecting with graduate students and postdocs eager to shape the future of the industry.

CoCalc: A Pioneer in the Mathematical World

CoCalc, or Collaborative Calculation in the Cloud, is a cloud-based service offering a rich collection of mathematical tools and software. We empower researchers and professionals to work together seamlessly on complex problems, thanks to our advanced real-time collaboration capability.

At the PRIMA Congress, the SageMath team captivated mathematicians, academics, and other professionals with CoCalc’s robust features and cutting-edge technologies in computation and data analysis.


Event Organizer
Pacific Institute of Mathematics (PIMS)

SageMath, Inc.
Product / Career Fair Exhibitor

December 5th-9th, 2022

PRIMA Congress: A Platform for Emerging Talent

The event’s career fair was a hub for ambitious graduate students and postdocs looking to make an impact in the computational sciences industry. SageMath representatives seized the opportunity to engage with these dedicated individuals and explore their potential contributions to the company’s growth and innovation.

Conferences like the PRIMA Congress offer invaluable chances for organizations like SageMath to discover unique talent and tap into their ingenuity for the development of future technologies.

A Spectacular Celebration of Mathematics

The Congress showcased the limitless potential of mathematics and its influential role in driving progress across various sectors. The event successfully united institutions worldwide and promoted cooperation among global mathematical innovators.

If you haven’t tried CoCalc yet, don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your mathematical pursuits with a platform renowned for revolutionizing computation and data analysis.

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