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CoCalc Cloud: The Benefits of On-Premise Installations

Unfortunately, the research, industry, and academic sectors all have unique bureaucratic structures that can hinder progress and innovation. CoCalc Cloud on-premise installations can be the solution to overcome these bureaucratic hurdles.

Here are some of the benefits of CoCalc Cloud on-premise installations:

Enhanced Security

CoCalc Cloud on-premise installations offer enhanced security compared to cloud-based services, particularly in industries such as healthcare or finance, where sensitive data is often processed and managed. With an on-premise installation, customers have complete control over their data and computational environment, ensuring that it is safe and secure.

Greater Control

Customers can customize their computational environment using the software and tools that match their specific needs. CoCalc Cloud on-premise installations give customers greater control over their computational domain, enabling them to manage their data and projects in the best way possible.

Improved Collaboration

CoCalc Cloud on-premise installations allow for improved collaboration within teams. With on-premise installations, team members can work together on projects in real time, share data and results, and easily communicate with each other.


CoCalc Cloud on-premise installations can be cost-effective in the long run. By installing CoCalc on your own servers, customers can save money on subscription fees and reduce their reliance on external service providers.

By utilizing the benefits of CoCalc Cloud on-premise installations, customers can cut through bureaucratic red tape and bring innovative solutions to the market.

Understanding the bureaucratic structures and decision-making processes that affect the applied mathematics and modeling industry is also essential. For instance, in academia, identifying the key stakeholders within universities and funding agencies can help secure funding and support. Likewise, working closely with regulatory bodies and understanding their priorities and decision-making processes in industry can help develop strategies to navigate the bureaucracy and bring innovative solutions to the market.


CoCalc Cloud on-premise installations offer a secure, customizable, and cost-effective computational environment. By utilizing this tool and understanding the bureaucratic structures, customers can cut through bureaucratic red tape and bring innovative solutions to the market.

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So What is CoCalc?

CoCalc is a robust collaborative computational software with valuable features that can be appreciated by both STEM researchers and teachers alike.

Examples include a Jupyter Notebook Interface that supports popular kernels such as Python, SageMath, Julia, and R. It has collaborative Markdown and LaTeX editors for documenting code and publishing research or course materials.

CoCalc also provides a Course Management System for disseminating, collecting, and grading your student assignments and even has a fully-featured Whiteboard where collaborators can simultaneously sketch, code, and organize project notes/objectives.

Where Can I Learn More?

Who uses CoCalc?

Our services are used globally by top-tier institutions in mathematical sciences (and other related fields) for teaching and research purposes. For example, we have recently partnered with other industry leaders who perform data analysis to develop machine learning and A.I., Not to mention our collaborative efforts with some of the world’s most renowned scientific publishing groups.

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