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So What is CoCalc?

CoCalc is a robust collaborative computational software with useful features that can be appreciated by both STEM researchers and teachers alike.

Examples include a Jupyter Notebook Interface that supports popular kernels such as Python, SageMath, Julia, and R, and it has collaborative Markdown and LaTeX editors for documenting code and publishing research or course materials.

CoCalc also provides a Course Management System for disseminating, collecting, and grading your student assignments, and even has a fully-featured Whiteboard where collaborators can simultaneously sketch, code, and organize project notes/objectives.

Where Can I Learn More?

Who uses CoCalc?

Our services are used globally by top-tier institutions in mathematical sciences (and other related fields) for both teaching and research purposes. We have recently partnered with other leader in industry who perform data analysis to developing machine learning and A.I. Not to mention our collaborative efforts with some of the world’s most renown scientific publishing groups.

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